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Whether you are seeing us for cataract surgery, glaucoma therapy, AMD treatment, diabetic eye changes, emergency eye care or another eye problem, our goal is to help our patients achieve a full and speedy recovery.

Centre for excellence in eye care

Northern Sydney Cataract Retina Glaucoma is an ophthalmology practice devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts, glaucoma and disorders of the retina, including the macula. We are dedicated to providing personal attention, along with the best care possible. We understand how stressful visiting an eye doctor can be, especially when it involves something as precious as vision. Our team of doctors and staff strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible, by providing professional and personal care, along with low waiting times.

What we offer to our patients

Our ophthalmologists recognise that attending to our patient’s needs, and providing detailed education regarding their eye condition, is essential to making a visit with us a positive experience. Our goal is to help our patients achieve a full and speedy recovery and get them back to their regular routine as quickly as possible.

Our modern office is equipped with the most innovative technology

We have all the diagnostic equipment to ensure an optimal refractive outcome with cataract surgery. Our cataract patients undergo measurements with the Nidek OPD Aberrometer, Pentacam Topographer, and IOL Master Biometer. We assess patients macula and optic nerve anatomical health with the Heidelberg OCT scanner. The Humphrey Visual Field Analyser is used to assess our patients peripheral vision. Retinal photography and angiography is performed with the Visucam fundus camera.

Many surgical procedures can be performed right here in our clinic. We perform intravitreal injections for the treatment of various retinal and macula disorders. We have three different lasers, for the treatment of retinal tears, glaucoma (peripheral iridotomy and selective laser trabeculoplasty), and to improve vision after cataract surgery (posterior capsulotomy).  We aim to offer complete and comprehensive treatment at one location.

However, certain procedures, including cataract and pterygium surgery, do require specialised equipment and need to be undertaken in a hospital setting. Our staff are here to make this as simple as possible, from assisting in the completion of admission forms, to providing detailed information on what to expect on the day of admission. The majority of the time, these procedures are done as day surgery, meaning that you are able to get back into your regular routine as quickly as possible.

Our compassionate and professional staff

Our staff are here to make your time with us as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. We pride ourselves on providing friendly and personal care – the same standard we would apply to ourselves. To make appointments with us as easy as possible, an appointment confirmation letter is sent to our patients, outlining what to expect at their first appointment, what to bring, and even a map to help them, or their driver find us.

Patient Journey

Patient Journey